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I’m an artist, animator and currently a teacher in Game Design at Brown College in Minneapolis.  I have a BFA in 3D Animation from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  I am currently writing and drawing a comic book.  I’ll be getting a site set up for that as soon as I get a little further.

Liz and I are married and have a boy named Tate and a bloodhound named Jonah. And we’re having a second kid next year.


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I have always wondered the same question.

Comment by AndyG

Hello Drew. Great to see you guys again. Congratulations on your soon to arrive baby. I am currently working as a stay at home dad and I must say it is wonderfully fullfilling.

We talked briefly about how you got a job doing animation. You commented that you had to work really hard to find a job, with little help from school. I think that this experience is all too common among art students and I would love to hear about how you were able to succeed.

Love the character. It will be cool to see your short film completed. Not that you have tons of available free time or anything, but if you are interested I invite you to make a comic book. This is what has been absorbing my time for the last few years. I started a comic book company called GorillaHead Comics! We do small print runs and make convention appearances. The Midwest Comic Book Association is a great group of people in the Twin Cities who promote comic book interest and run 2 conventions every year – FallCon and Microcon. You can see samples of our comics at gorillaheadcomics.com

Talk to you soon,

Comment by Paul Burris


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P.S. Congrads on the child 🙂

Comment by Thomsen Young

Congrats on the child?
OMG how cold and creepy.

Comment by rob

The question remains 😉

Only kidding. I like your work!

Comment by chuff

You look like a really cool Dad! 😉

Comment by Elaine

who is THAT weirdo?!!!! (jk)

Comment by epfund

Hi, Drew. I’m a writer and an aspiring graphic novelist/artist. I just stumbled upon your blog. Your work is quite amazing. Really liked your images gallery.

That’s awesome that you’re working on a comic book. I’ve been planning a superhero comic book for four months so far, and I have the main character and his story down, but I have two other characters to figure out before I can do any paneling. I won’t be done until 2011 or 2012. When do you think you’ll finish your comic book? It’d be great to chat with you sometime about comic books.

Comment by Keith Mathewson

Hey, you, amer!.. The Russians are coming!


Comment by Ahu Neho (@ahuneho)

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