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Poor Man’s Comic Creation Process (part 2)

Well here it is. Part 2 of my process for this project. Part 1 can be found here.


I’ve scanned in my background page with the panel layout.


And my character layer from smaller paper (9×12). Again, you’ll have to wait to see why they’re on two different layers.

Now, since I mentioned before that I don’t have an 11×17 scanner, it took some stitching to put it all back together in Photoshop Elements 2. But it was pretty painless, especially with the little non-photo guidelines on the Canson Comic Boards I’m using.Be sure to center the paper on the scanner or you’ll have a real hard time rotating individual pieces by percentages of degrees. Not fun.

Once stitched together, I broke up my layers thusly: One layer for the background (essentially what you see in the first image with panel layout and bleeds) and one layer for each character in each panel. Except panel 4 since they’re touching. And this is what I came up with.


The above image is still a work in progress and has only been desaturated. I haven’t done much more clean up than erasing the white around the figures with the Magic Wand tool. And yes, the pics were taken on a different day. And yes, I am wearing the same outfit from the belt up. But it’s been washed, I promise.

Stay tuned because things are about to get a bit more interesting. Painting will be next as well as a big surprise.

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