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Cowboy hats make Republicans look unintelligent
September 5, 2008, 1:27 am
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What is it with Republicans and their hats? Democrats don’t carry hammers and sickles wherever they go. The Republican Party constantly gives me reasons not to take them seriously.

Breathing like this will stem global warming.

Ma heerow!

Yeehaw! We git ta vote!

Hey Cledus, that’s wunna them thar picture camuras.


Wanna go hunting?



I laughed out loud reading this post. You’re right, it looks like the state fair.

Comment by Tamara

I could be wrong, but I believe all the delegates with cowboy hats were from Texas (see fourth picture down). As a Yankee, you just wouldn’t understand.

But I agree that it looks dopey.

Comment by Jim B.

‘Tis true. But it does beg the question, “Do we let them vote?” I mean, they’re the ones referring to themselves as “The Country of Texas.” I say razor-wire ’em off and let ’em go nuts. And make sure Big ‘n’ Rich are stuck in there too.

Comment by D!

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