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Man of Steam Update

Note:  The Contest has been updated and I got Honorable Mention.  Not bad.  I think the Honorable Mentions lot is head and tails above most of the finalists.  You be the judge.

Well apparently my Steamo Superman wasn’t exactly what Project Rooftop was looking for in a re-design for their Man of Style contest. If you want a gander at the finalists, here’s the link. Ah well. Maybe next time. Or maybe I should have added Clark Kentington as Phil suggested.



Wow. The ninth rendition down by Kristina Diggs is an effeminate blasphemy!

Comment by Jim B.

I still think yours was pretty good man.
don’t feel bad.

Comment by Professor Manticore

Ha! Jim apparently she was listening to a lot of Good Charlotte.

I also just checked on the honorable mentions and I did get that. So it’s a good start.

Comment by D!

Hi Drew, congrats on the honorable mention! Your “Man of Steam” was one of my favorites. I think the wing-tips are perfect! Nice work.

Comment by Dave

Thanks Dave. Yours was one of my fav’s as well. Should have been one of the finalists imo. Better luck to both of us next time, I guess.

Comment by D!

I was going to post a comment, and links, to the Superman re-design posts on my own blog.

Would it be okay to use your piece as an example of the submissions? Thanks.

Comment by Bruce Arthurs

Feel free, Bruce. I’d be honored.

Comment by D!

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