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Steamo Superman

The results from the contest haven’t been posted yet, but I wanted to get this up for anyone who cares to comment. I’ll put up a link when the results are up.

Since I’ve been on this recent steampunk kick, I thought I’d try it for the good ol’ American boyscout. Also as you may have noticed if you are in the know, I’ve dropped the favored “steamy” adjective for “steamo.” I didn’t want the kind of traffic that would be fostered by a title like “Steamy Superman.” Just a lot of bad mental pictures.


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Hey you!
Love all your new stuff on here.

The geo is about to die, so soon the scoot will have three complete sets of tires. I personally think this is a tragedy, however, the scoot is spinning donuts in the parking lot with excitment.
And.. Ross only RUNS naked Drew, everyone knows that. Too much chaffing in biking.

Comment by Tams

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