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Demo Reel 2007
December 20, 2007, 3:57 pm
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Well here’s a sampling of the animation I did when I was at WCP. The last two clips are sort of for posterity. I’m not particularly thrilled with the animation due to the massive time crunch we were under on the project, but I was the AD, so I thought I’d throw them in.  Email me if you want an up to date copy of my resume as well.


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Hi Man, like your stuff.
Happened on your blog because of the “award”. Congrats. 🙂
Do WCP own the copyright on the characters in this ?
The reason I ask is that I can see future character development in the little chubby pink “lady” who appears on the 30 second mark talking to Cosmo.
She reminds me soooo much of somebody, visually. ! (??)
Her name should be Enid, she should be aged over 60 (in human years), and she should talk in a soft Welsh accent (which Americans can’t do properly). Add those traits and you’ve got yourself (or WCP have) a corker !
Hope you find enough free time from the teaching to carry on with some new work. It’s fun.

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