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If only I had more storage…
December 8, 2006, 5:13 pm
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WordPress is doing  a contest to give away a 10GB upgrade to your storage capacity.  The idea’s to be creative and have the best answer.  So here goes…

I’ve said before that I’ve got an animated short in the works.  So anyone who’s done that before knows that there are concept drawings, production notes, schedules, working files, animation tests, scripts… basicaly a ton of stuff.  So what I’d do is upload all that info to make my WordPress blog a proper living, breathing production journal.  I’d continue to update the site with notes as well as custom scripts that I’ve liked, progress reports and all sorts of fun stuff.  It would contain everything for my short.  Sort of a completely open and accessable animation production pipeline.

It’s either that or I’d use it to implement my plan to take over the world with howler monkeys.




Those howler monkeys are definitely tempting, I know from past experience.

But congratulations on winning! I’ll send them your regards.

Comment by chuff

Congratulations, D! now you can share all your animations with us with your 10GB space!

Comment by shafisaid

I know several people who would be very interested in seeing your idea happen (the first one, not the Howler monkeys ;-)).

Comment by halfawake


Why use regular howler monkeys, when you can purchase some genetically-enhanced Monkey-elephants with increased poo-flinging capabilities from Project Hell beast? You can even get them with “Lasers”.

Comment by Phil

Frickin laser breams? Poo flinging genetically enhanced laser equipped monkeys? Uh….. ok!

But seriously…… be interesting to see what you can post up here. Hopefully not anything to do with the aforementioned scary topic.

Comment by blaze

Some nice 3D animation and art work guy. Congrats on your baby and on first place win!

Comment by nightstorm41

congrat! man. 🙂

Comment by Michael Sync

Congratulations! 🙂

Comment by thesofa

Oh jeeze, better get my howler monkey spray ready.

Comment by Sean

Congrats on winning the 10G!

Comment by fracas

hey man, I like! What program do you use? I work in Blender 3D alot, just in case you haven’t heard of it! Great idea though!

Comment by epfund

Check out my site: relicarts.wordpress.com. Anybody! I need more animators!!!!!! Tell me what you think, if possible!

Comment by epfund

eey !

Congratz on all that space 😛 hope u run out of it tonight :evil-laughter: heheh 😛

Comment by ehab

Congrats on winning that 10GB. Hope you get your project done. Good luck!

Comment by Laster

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