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New Project
August 21, 2006, 11:25 pm
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Being a new dad and all, I don’t exactly know how this is going to work. But since abandoning my student film (yes, I did abandon it and won’t be picking it up again) I have had an itch to do something more professional as well as spend more time in story development, design and overall technical know-how. I will post some stuff periodically as I progress in production. I’ll probably be working on this for a long time, and in doing so, I’m gonna need to like the story and the design. That’s part of the reason I’m not doing Buzz’d anymore. It really lacked in those areas I value. Anyway, stay tooned and you can keep up with my new work.

Happy Clicking!



I really enjoyed Buzz’d, but Drew you know what your doing. Keep up the good work!

Comment by AndyG

Hey drew! congratulations on your addition to your family! i had to set up one of these things to post something for my brother to see who is down in guatemala for the next 4 months. and then i remembered you having one so i looked you up. i hope life is well. im still in california. been back to colorado twice now since i moved. my friend sara is due for her first child any day now. babies…… well keep in touch if you want! peace out. erin

Comment by erin

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