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Posting Hiatus
April 25, 2006, 9:11 am
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Due to moving, changing jobs, and having a baby in the next months, I most likely will be a little light on the posting. I’ll pick it up again when things settle down a bit. Thanks and stay tooned…




Oh wow, when did you enable this stuff? Now I can comment on your stuff. hooray!

Comment by Ajay

I definitely look forward to your next post, and to hearing how the move went!

Comment by Jonathan Grimm

It’s gonna be a SUPER cute BaBy!!! Very cute! Very cute! I want it!

Comment by AppleCheng

Grats Drew!

Comment by bschulz

Drew! I got me a blogspot account finally! Check it out when you gets a chance.

Comment by Ajay

good luck Drew, I’ll miss your crazy antics, maybe we’ll run into eachother someday or have rival shows on tv.

Comment by Brock Solid

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